MineMatch® translated Brazil Bedrock Geology Map

Local geology is a crucial part of the characterisation of any exploration target. Country-scale geological data of Brazil (1:2.5M and 1:1M) and higher-resolution Brazilian state-wide data were used during the matching.

MineMatch® and the underlying mineral deposit models use rock terminology that comes from the CGI’s GeoSCIML lithology vocabulary.

To enable optimal cross-referencing to the rock-type terminology used in the MineMatch® mineral deposit models, the Brazilian geological maps were translated to match the terminology of the GeoSCIML vocabulary, against which MineMatch® is standardised. Each individual hexagon target has been attributed with the information about the rock type(s) it is located on.

The lithological information used in the matching process can be explored in the above map.  


 Translation to Matcher Standard Terminology

Effective matches require a pre-processing step where the Brazilian lithology codes are first translated to English, and then translated and aligned with the terminology present in the GeoSCIML vocabulary. The individual rock types were parsed out and aligned before being merged into a final column, where the listed order of rock types was retained.

A list of all the rock names parsed out of the aligned rock type field, together with the GeoSCIML names to which they were translated for use in this study can be viewed by clicking on this link (Geology - 2019 REDO - mm_align_r_final. )